Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Homework Due 8-24/8-25

Materials: One 18"x24" sheet of newsprint paper, soft drawing pencils, ruler, eraser.

1. Divide paper into at least eight horizontal bands that fill the page. Fill each band with vertical lines that explore different line weights and methods of drawing. Don't try to draw objects or things. Consider weight, speed, and positive/negative relationships. Lines can touch but not cross. Consider the paintings of Barnett Newman (although you will not be using color and I expect to see more lines per band than many of his paintings have).

Here are some good examples from past students who completed this assignment:

2. Create a pocket inside the back cover of your sketchbook (staple or tape a piece of cardboard). Place syllabus in that pocket (this is due Thursday, January 17):

3. Find at least one article each explaining 1, 2, 3-point perspective (more than one article would be smart) and place in the sketchbook pocket.

See you next week!

Sketchbook Examples

Here are some good examples from the sketchbooks of past Intro Drawing students. Notice how I have all of them opened to 2-page spreads. This is so you can see how each student decided to design their layouts from page to page.  Click "read more" to see the rest.

Supplies & Materials

Below are the images of the supplies we looked at in class.  Use these so you will know how to identify what you are looking for when you go to shop.  Hopefully we will have supplies in the bookstore soon.  Let me know if you have any questions about supplies & materials.